Our Available Training


There is a $99 charge for our training, which is refunded when you purchase your first ATM. All of the training is on-line.


  1.  History of the ATM Industry

  2.  How the ATM business works

  3.  Selling, Leasing, and Placing ATMs.

  4.  Finding the best locations for the ATM.

  5.  Ordering and the delivery of the ATM.

  6.  Preparing the set-up and installing the ATM.

  7.  Funding the ATM.

  8.  Caring for the ATM.

  9.  Insurance and Security.

10.  Depreciation and Taxes.

11.  Financing or Leasing the ATM.


We Do Not work with anyone that does not go through our training program. We require a five year processing agreement.