ATM Monitoring & Reports

Our ATM reporting program is a web-based application, therefore only requiring a computer with Internet access.  By offering our real-time reporting system in a web based format we are able to eliminate the need for the user to purchase or install any programs.  You can simply log on to our secure website from any Internet connection and view or download any data you desire.

ATM Reports Security and Authorization

ATM Reports is secured by VeriSign Services.  Usernames are created and saved by a program administrator at Commercial Union.  The ATM Reports program automatically creates an encrypted password to which only the user has access.  After entering and saving the necessary user information, the username and encrypted password are instantly emailed to the pre-assigned email address, making it immediately available to the user. Authorization for new user access is only granted through a designated representative.

Reporting Requirements

Our system will allow multiple users to access data with different permissions.  For example, a particular associate may have access to view only their ATM machine, yet a regional manager will be able to access data from all ATMs in a particular region.   Furthermore, access can be established for the entire portfolio of ATMs for the use of a corporate office.


Our system will report machine balances, dollar revenue, transaction totals, trends, network usage, etc.  This data can be easily grouped by territory, region, type, market, etc.  A user can also easily view terminal data for specific time frames, as desired (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly).  

ATM Reports has this real-time reporting system in place and in use on over ten thousand terminals nation wide.  We provide a toll free telephone number to access our technical support at no charge.

We utilize a proprietary, full service, 24 X 7 data center, which affords us ongoing control over performance, quality, standards, system reliability and project prioritization.  To provide optimal levels of service, we have the most advanced real-time processing hardware and customized software technologies.  Our processing enables you to benefit from the most cost-effective operation, while leveraging leading edge technology.

System reliability is the core of our business.  Our system and processing hardware are second to none.  We constantly work to ensure the utmost in reliability and performance.  As a result, we enjoy an average system uptime of over 99.98%.  This translates into virtually flawless service for your terminals, which, in turn, means a continuous stream of revenue.

Sample Report

Vault Cash, Surcharge,and Transaction Data



Sample Report

Terminal Balance Report



Sample Report

Terminal Realtime Data