Investment Opportunities with

Returns up to 25% Annual ROI


Join the Commercial Union ATM Partnership and

receive monthly income.


Business Objective:

Commercial Union ATM is a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation engaged in purchasing, installing, operating, and servicing Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).  A partnership has been formed to allow qualified investors to participate in ownership and receive income from ATMs without active involvement in day-to-day operations.  The partnership will operate for a five-year period, with partners having the option of joining future CUATM partnerships.


Capitalization, totaling $100,000, is provided by investing partners.  Investment participation is in 10 shares of $10,000 each.


The objective of this endeavor is to operate 30 ATM terminals at retail merchant locations across the United States.  Partners will receive monthly income from the transaction fees collected from each of the 30 ATM terminals, and may also receive certain year-end tax benefits from depreciation of the ATM equipment.


The Industry:

The ATM industry has recently experienced significant change.  In 1995, there were 85,000 ATM terminals in the U.S., owned and operated solely by large banking institutions.  In early 1996, all states passed legislation allowing merchants, Independent Service Organizations (ISOs), and individuals to own and operate ATMs.


Today, there are more than 500,000 ATMs in the U.S., including 87,000 bank-owned.  Although the number of ATMs in merchant locations has grown six-fold since 1995, the ATM Industry Association estimates that the market is only at one-fourth capacity.  Opportunities for continued growth and expansion are significant.


Market Strategy:

Opportunities abound in the market space ignored by large ISOs.  Because their costs to provide armored car service funding and equipment servicing is relatively high, they have chosen not to enter merchant locations with less than 300 to 400 transactions per month. 


CUATM can be successful by targeting market locations that require as few as 75 transactions per month, because of a lower cost structure.  Potential ATM locations are many and varied, with high traffic venues being the most desirable.  Target venues may also include merchants whose existing ATM service is sub-par. 


Management will employ proven methods to identify and qualify potential locations, including referrals from our current associates, leads generated by other merchant services providers, direct mail, independent "bird-dog" contractors, as well as by our in-house proposal process that targets decision makers in various markets.



Commercial Union ATM is in its tenth year of installing, operating and providing processing for ATMs at more than 300 merchant locations in Colorado, California, Florida, Idaho, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  Unlike most ATM companies, CUATM provides local services to its merchant locations via a network of associates and contract service representatives.


The Principal owners of CUATM have combined business and management experience of more than 60 years.  In addition to managing its own ATMs, CUATM has purchased and/or managed ATMs for eight years on behalf of other owners and passive investors.  The annual return during that period has exceeded 28 percent to investors.  In August 2003, CUATM formed its first partnership, which currently owns 25 ATMs.  With this first venture, a second partnership has been launched and both are now generating a lucrative monthly income stream for its investors.


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