We will place an ATM in your business at no cost to you!


That's right, it will cost you nothing. Commercial Union ATM

will provide the ATM, install it, and insure it. 

YOU DO NOTHING but watch your revenues increase!




 You need to:

 1    Provide a Visible Location

 2    Provide a 110v Electrical Outlet

 3    Provide a Phone Connection (No Dedicated Line Required)

 4    Provide a Bank Account to Deposit Your Money Into



With an ATM you will……


  - Increase store traffic

  - Attract new customers

  - Generate more cash revenue

  - Reduce credit card charges

  - Avoid bad checks

  - Avoid charge backs on debit cards

  - Participate in EBT

Increase Sales with an ATM

Let us place an ATM in your business today for FREE!  The key to increased sales is making it easy for your customer to buy.

An ATM puts cash in your customer’s hand and some of that cash stays in your business, particularly if they want the things that surround them!

Choose our ATM service at no cost to you



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