I strongly believe success comes to those who do the same thing, really well, for a long time.  Almost always, persistence and consistency equal success.


All great companies had small beginnings, UPS started in Portland, Oregon with a boy making deliveries on a bicycle, Delta Air Lines began as a crop dusting operation in Monroe, Louisiana, and MicroSoft begin with two teenage computer nerds in a dirty motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico that just happened to be very savvy business guys.


In 1979, I had an idea that developed into a franchise company with 360 retail stores doing $70 Million annually, which I sold in 1999 to retire. After a few months of watching all the daytime television I ever wanted to see and reading all those books I promised myself I was going to read, I discovered I really did enjoy working.  So, I began with one ATM, and today in my retirement, I have 300 ATMs producing over One Million Dollars a year in fees. Is this a great country, or what?


Now that I have developed the ATM concept, and I would like to help you get started, just like I helped Matt and Mike, two brothers in Denver, Colorado.  I was installing an ATM at a golf course, and Mike, the golf pro at this course, approached me with a question, “How does this ATM thing work?"  I explained the basics and Mike stated he was looking for a little extra money per month to allow his wife to stay home with their two pre-school children.   Mike solicited the help of his brother, Matt, and now three years later, they have 50 ATMs, making about $12,000.00 per month part time.


Then there is John in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He was retiring, needed a little extra money each month and wanted to work part-time.  His son-in-law suggested a visit with me about the ATM business.  He owns 11 ATMs, works about 7 to 10 hours per week and makes $3,500.00 per month, and is still growing!  


There are several more stories just like Mike and John and there could also be another with your name on it.  Please, don’t misunderstand, I don’t do your work for you, I give you guidance and I can help make the process easier.  Just give me a call and we can discuss your situation.  There is no cost to talk and your future could be much brighter.


Now, I know you are thinking, “Why would he want to help me?”  I have two reasons: (1) I get great personal joy in helping someone succeed;  and

(2) I want to be the processor for your ATMs.


Richard Godwin